talking about h0mestuck all day, EVERY DAY!! plz n0te i'm 0nly 0n act 3!
i have quite a few fantr0lls and fankids! i d0n't have any d0cumentati0n f0r them yet, but s00n i h0pefully will!!


2 b added!!

my 0pini0ns & headcan0ns

letz start with the beta kidz!
j0hn - he's a nice character! 1 0f my favs. i find myself relating 2 him al0t. if he wuz real i'd l0ve 2 b friends with him! as 4 heacan0nz, i think he has autism 0r adhd? but that's pr0bably me pr0jecting 0nt0 him. and i think he's transmasc.
dave - an0ther 1 0f my favs! i think he's silly. i headcan0n that he has vitilig0, and has adhd. 0nce again pr0bs pr0jecting l0lz
r0se - i think she can b rather funny! she's a nice character, i share her aspect actually! i heacan0n that she als0 has vitilig0, just like dave. stril0nde genes!! 0h, and i think she has autism 2, because y n0t?
jade - she's a cute character! i like the way she speaks and i think th0se big d0rky glasses make her extra cute, l0lz. my headcan0n 4 her is that she als0 has autism.

tr0ll time!!
aradia - i d0n't have much 2 say ab0ut her. i think she's c00l th0!
tavr0s - i d0n't have much 2 say ab0ut tavvy either. i think he's nice!
s0llux - 0nce again n0t much 2 say. i d0 think his wh0le theme of duality is c00l.
karkat - funny assh0le. i think he's sh0rter than m0st, until he d0es his 2nd m0lt then B00M! big guy!
nepeta - i l0ve her! pr0bably my fav0rite tr0ll 0ut 0f them all! she's definitely autistic and i l0ve her s0 s0 much!!! i think she's catgender 2, since ykn0w that's like her WH0LE THING.
kanaya - i like her quirk and her dynamic with r0se. she's rather silly. i think she's transfem!
terezi - my 2nd fav0rite tr0ll! i like her quirk and i think she's c00l! i like the way she acts, and h0w she d0esn't let her blindness get in the way 0f her g0als!
vriska - i want 2 thr0w her int0 a pit
equius - d0n't particularly care 4 him. he has a nice dynamic with nepeta th0.
gamzee - i think he's a rather interesting character. i d0n't have much 2 say.
eridan - d0n't have much 2 say. i think he's 0k.
feferi - i think she's cute! n0t much 2 say. her quirk is nice, i l0ve the fish puns she makez!!

alpha kidz and tr0llz c0ming s00n!!