wut iz thiz?

hi! if ur new here herez the basicz!
wut u can expect fr0m this site

  • v0cal0id stuff
  • t0uh0u stuff
  • h0mestuck stuff
  • m0stly drawingz
  • anime stuff t00 l0lz

30/09/22 > s0rry ab0ut the lack of c0ntent, i've just been s0 busy that i haven't had time 2 w0rk 0n this!! i pr0mise i'll add it s00n!

22/09/22 > mini update! i'm d0wnl0ading s0me deviantart bases rn, i'm g0nna make some art with them bc.. i can!! wh0z 2 st0p me?? N0B0DY!! i mean, i can draw with0ut bases, but it's fun 2 anyway!! might set up an0ther page 4 just rand0m stuff l0lz!

17/09/22 > s0rry 4 being inactive guyz!! a l0t is happening in my pers0nal life s0 i d0n't have much time 2 w0rk 0n this!! backgr0und is still br0ken me and my friend c0uldn't figure 0ut h0w 2 fix it, ugh.

4/09/22 > it's been a while, i've been busy with sch00l and stuff, but i'm g0nna get 1 0f my friendz 2 help me with my site!! 25/08/22 > i'm g0nna leave the site up but i'm g0nna b red0ing it s0 s0me pages might n0t w0rk 0r be unfinished! just a headz up!!

25/08/22 > i screwed up the c0de trying 2 make a page display pr0per :/ might have 2 aband0n this lay0ut since its very rigid and d0esn't all0w al0t 0f creative freed0m.

24/08/22 > made this c00l website!!

ab0ut STELZ

hi, im STELLA! stellamaris f0r l0ng, l0lz. call me by any pr0n0uns, i'm experimenting with them rn :D i have a typing quirk, but i can talk in plain text if y0u have tr0uble reading it!! just ask me!!
im 0pen 2 making new friend0s, therez wayz 2 c0ntact me at the link labelled.. c0ntact me. duh!!

h0pe 2 see u ar0und, loser!!

stella/stellamaris is not a real person. instead, they are a character/persona. you are still free to interact with them as if they were. (contact page for a reason.. duh)